Pole Pads

No more chipped teeth with these colorful, high-quality, easy-to-use safety pole pads! These padded safety pole pads prevent small children from hurting themselves if they accidentally bump up against any columns or poles found in areas where they play.

If you have children, or work with children, save yourself future distress. They are ideal for childcare centers, school playgrounds, gyms, sports facilities, backyards and more!


Easy to use by simply wrapping around any column or pole and affix with Velcro sewn into the pole pad. The safety padding is made of:

  • 1 inch compressed foam
  • 100% woven polyester fabric cover is abrasion-resistant
  • Fabric will not mildew, fade or tear
  • Thread is UV-protected
  • Pole pads are available in two heights: 4 feet and 6 feet, with several diameter sizes available
  • Can be used on steel, concrete or wood poles or columns
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions

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